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    Wild Fight Slot Review

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    Free Play Mode is not available for UK Players because of UK regulations. But don`t worry, you can play Wild Fight Slot for real here

    The ancient art of Kung Fu that comes from China which you have likely fallen in love with while watching the likes of Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan on your TV screens has just been brought to life by Red Tiger Gaming, an online casino software provider with a special affection for all things Chinese.

    Wild Fight is a 20 payline slot machine which features a Kung Fu master as your sidekick while you try your best to overcome all obstacles and make yourself rich. The master will help you out by hacking and slashing through any harm that may come your way and with his help, you are likely to make it to your goal.

    This short review will give you a chance to get familiar with Wild Fight, find out its main features and where you can go to start playing the amazing game today.

    Wild Fight Slot Review gameplay

    Wild Fight Graphics And Audio

    Wild Fight is a game that puts you in the role of a Kung Fu fighter and all of the motives in the game are designed with this in mind. You will be seeing ancient weapons and symbols from the lives of Kung Fu masters on the reels, while well-known music from Kung Fu movies will be playing in the background.

    Along with the other greats of the art of Kung Fun, you will be looking to defeat your enemies by delivering timely kicks and punches and in this case, triggering the right features at the right time. While this is a casino slot and not a fighting game, the overall atmosphere will surely help you get carried away straight into the world of Kung Fu masters.

    Wild Fight Gameplay Features

    Wild Fight includes a number of features to help you on your way to the black belt. The Wild symbol which depicts a Kung Fu master in a well-known fighting pose is very important in this game and it will randomly appear on the reels replacing all the other symbols and serving in their stead.

    Wild Fight Slot Review game

    The Win symbol that can appear only on the middle reel instantly pays up to 888x your initial stake, which is self-explanatory. Just stop the symbol and you will be looking at solid wins either way. Reels 1, 3 and 5 also contain Free Spins symbols and stopping three of these will initiate the Free Spins round. While in Free Spins, your Wilds will remain locked for the remainder of the Free Spins, which means with a little luck, you will be looking at multiple Wilds across the reels.

    Wild Fight Slot Summary

    If you enjoyed watching Kung Fu movies when you were a kid or you still enjoy it to date and Bruce Lee is your hero then Wild Fight is the game for you. This online casino slot machine will put you in the role of a Kung Fu master and hopefully pay you some big bucks with its many feature games.

    If you enjoy the idea behind Wild Fight, you can find the game at one of the online casinos featuring Red Tiger Gaming creations.

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