Wild Turkey Slot Game Review

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    When it comes to designing online casino slot machines, NetEnt is one of those suppliers that never stops surprising us. They have many casino online games featuring popular themes from the movies, history, or legends. And then, they have a group of slot machines featuring silly, funny themes, bound to make you laugh at least a few times while online gambling.

    The Wild Turkey slot game certainly belongs to the latter group. The game is all about turkeys on an important mission. As silly as it may sound, NetEnt makes it work somehow and creates fun and exciting online gambling experience for all those who decide to help the Wild Turkey tribe reach its goal.

    Wild Turkey Slot Theme & Atmosphere

    The story behind the Wild Turkey online casino slot is the following: a tribe of wild turkeys has set out on a pilgrimage to meet the object of their devotion. Everything that happens during this casino online game is guided by this idea. It may seem strange that NetEnt online casino game developers would come up with a story like this, but if there is one thing they absolutely love doing that’s experimenting with their slot machines. Higher paying symbols are members of the Wild Turkey tribe, like turkey warriors, priests, etc.

    Wild Turkey slot

    The background music and sounds are fitting to the online casino slot theme as well. You’ll hear ceremonial drums playing in the background, making sure you never forget what the real mission is while online gambling with the Wild Turkey online casino slot.

    Gameplay & Features

    Playing Wild Turkey at a casino online, you’ll be able to pick anywhere between one and twenty paylines. Unlike some other fixed slot machines, Wild Turkey will let you decide what fits your online gambling habits the best. Many online gambling fans love playing on a single line while chasing bonuses or free spins, and slot machines designers had that in mind while developing this online casino game.

    Unlike most online casino slot machines, Wild Turkey doesn’t feature separate wild and scatter symbols. Wilds are Scatters at the same time, and three or more of them will trigger free spins. You can win between 15 and 60 free spins while online gambling with the Wild Turkey slot.

    During the free spins, Wilds become stacked, increasing chances to give your casino online gambling roll a serious boost. Extra two free spins are added every time Stacked Wilds make an appearance on the reels. With a bit of luck, your free spins round can last a while and can grant you some serious casino online wins. The maximum jackpot you can expect to win while playing Wild Turkey at a casino online is an impressive 800,000 coins, which is more than most online casino slot machines out there.

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