Wonky Wabbits Slot Game Review

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    Like the name suggests, Wonky Wabbits slot belongs to the group of “silly” slot machines. While most online casino games feature more serious, catchy topics, Wonky Wabbits takes an opposite direction. This online casino game is funny, crazy, and will make you laugh.

    With this game, NetEnt wanted to add a relaxed game to their portfolio of slot machines, and they were highly successful in doing so. With the Wonky Wabbits slot game, you will have a lot of fun and a stress-free online gambling experience like you deserve.

    Wonky Wabbits Slot Graphics and Sound

    This online casino game has a very cartoon-ish feel to it. Your online gambling session is almost guaranteed to bring back childhood memories. Set on the backdrop of a simply drawn forest, Wonky Wabbits features animated birds and crazy rabbits flying and jumping around. These silly characters will keep you entertained throughout your online gambling session.

    The symbols you will come across in this online casino game are exactly what you’d expect: carrots, tomatoes, acorns, etc. Coupled with nice, relaxing green color are the music and sound effects. Wonky Wabbits slot is not one of those casino online slot machines that will keep you on edge. On the contrary, your online gambling experience will be a relaxed one.

    Wonky Wabbits Slot Gameplay and Features

    Wonky Wabbits slot

    In the sea of NetEnt’s online casino slot machines with various features to keep you entertained, Wonky Wabbits stands out with its simplicity. If you just want to have a good time playing at a casino online, Wonky Wabbits is your game.

    The only special symbol in this online casino slot is the Wild. There are no Scatters or special features to worry about. You either hit a few big lines (there are 15 of them), or you don’t. There aren’t even free spins we are all used to with most slot machines. Lack of free spins may be an obstacle for more experienced casino online players, as this feature does add to the excitement.

    However, Wonky Wabbits slot hasn’t been created for a thrilling experience. Slot machines designers put their best efforts to create a peaceful, funny online casino game. Not every online gambling session has to be pumped with adrenaline. Sometimes you just want to relax after a long day at work. That’s exactly a type of online gambling experience this casino online slot offers. No free spins or bonuses, just a calming online casino experience.

    Final Words

    While the lack of free spins and other features may turn some players away from this online casino game, you should give it a chance. Playing a game at an online casino without free spins and all other noisy features present with most slot machines may be an online gambling experience you’ll learn to appreciate.

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