Zombies Slot Game Review

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    There are very few topics as popular with online casino slot machines as zombies. Over the years, casino online game suppliers have produced quite a few online gambling pastimes featuring this pop-culture topic. NetEnt’s Zombies slot is yet another addition to the undead series of popular slot machines.

    Zombies Slot Game Graphics and Sound

    Zombies slot

    As already mentioned and as apparent from the title of this online casino game, the Zombies slot is all about zombies and survival. Finding your way around the post-apocalyptic earth infested with the undead is no easy task. Like most slot machines featuring this theme, Zombies puts you in a creepy environment coupled with tense music. Sounds of this casino online game will not let you rest for a single second.

    Set on the backdrop of an abandoned mall, Zombies features symbols like bloody axes, eyeballs, brains, gas masks, chainsaws, etc. Everything in this casino online game will make you feel chills spreading down your spine.

    This online casino game also features some pretty cool animation, so there will never be a dull moment while playing. With zombies coming at you and you firing at them with all you have, your online gambling thrill is basically guaranteed.

    Zombies Slot Main Features

    Like so many online casino slot machines, Zombies comes with 20 paylines across five reels. Playing all paylines ensures the most thrilling online gambling experience and also gives you most chances to seriously boost your online gambling bankroll.

    Zombies is all about wilds. This online casino slot features all sorts of wilds, from the regular ones, to stacked and Random Wilds. Random Wilds appear fairly frequently and can turn your online gambling session around by adding a few extra wilds across the reels.

    Of course, all popular slot machines feature some sort of free spins round, and Zombies is no different. To trigger free spins in this casino online game, you will need to find three Scatters. This will trigger five free spins, which isn’t a lot on its own. However, after every round during free spins, you’ll also get to shoot some zombies, adding extra cash to your online gambling bankroll. This makes Zombies free spins different from most online casino slot machines.

    Final Words

    Although there are many online casino slot machines featuring zombies theme, this particular casino online game is distinct from the rest. Your online gambling experience will be very exciting, especially if you are a fan of the undead genre. Take control of your fate and rid the earth of zombies in this online casino game by NetEnt.

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